Elton Heta

What is the difference between UX design and UI?

When people talk about the UX and UI model, there are many different interpretations. What is UX / UI design for you and how would you distinguish between these two terms?

There is actually quite a difference between the two. For me, UX design is about understanding the human psyche, how they understand our prototype, identifying the right problems and turning them into opportunities.


User experience design

The interface design is the result of what you found from your lessons. In short, UX is the top-notch interpretation of how a product should look or function, and the UI is the specific details of your prototype.

However, my happiest moments as a UX creator / engineer are when you create a product and get constructive feedback from it. UX was never a single show for me. It works best when meaningful users and stakeholders provide you with constructive feedback.