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What is PI Network and how can we get PI Network Free?

What is PI Network and how can we get PI Network Free?

PI Network is an electronic cryptocurrency created by Stanford University and can not yet be purchased in the cryptocurrency market.

PI Network has promised that when it reaches 100 million users it will enter the market so at that moment PI Network can be bought and sold just like other cryptocurrencies that are bought and sold today as we can mention BTC, ETH, DogeCoin, Shiba etc.

PI Network is thought that in 2024 according to the analysis will have a value of $ 70 so 1 PI = $ 70.

PI Network can currently be generated only from its official applications that can be found in the App Store and Play Store.

During the registration I suggest you to use my link that you will find below and my username that will be requested during the registration.

My username for register (eltonheta)

Link for register ” https://minepi.com/eltonheta

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